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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hola comrades! Been a while. Here's the reason why...

I have been so sick this entire pregnancy. Around week 13 (I think) I started to feel a bit better and only had slight nausea in the morning. Then, week 14 hit and I was thrown back into the midst of the toilet-bowl. I definitely don't have HG, I have only lost 7lbs and am able to hold down most liquids, but that doesn't mean this has been quite hard physically and emotionally. I started a nausea medication around week 10, but it is category B and I'm a stickler for what I put in my body while pregnant, so I'm just sucking it up and hoping it ends soon.

Of course this little critter is so worth it, I'm on my 17th week and we find out if its a boy or girl on the 20th of November (also our anniversary)
I have been feeling kicks since week 15 that are getting stronger and stronger by the day and my belly is showing a lot (especially after I eat haha) so that has been fun.

Upsides: feeling kicks, skin has cleared up, hair is super soft and rarely greasy

Downsides: stretch marks (on my yabos of all places, but thankfully they are white and should fade easily), still vomiting, no appetite, exhausted 24/7, crazy sciatica and back pain and fighting "a severe viral infection" in my lungs. Once again, I can't take anything for it besides Tylenol because the strong stuff to get rid of the infection is category C (which I'm not ok with, but i'm not judging others). So I'm just trucking along and hoping it ends soon because I am miserable and have no voice. Lucky Jon :-)

I haven't taken any proper belly shots (who knows if I's me we are talking about) but here are a few I posted on Insta-gram
14 weeks
 15 weeks
Have a good night!
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