Sunday Funday

Sunday, November 23, 2014

When Jack is behaving all day, then I bring him to a friends house aaaaaand. THE STRUGGLE.
When nobody laughed at one of my jokes during my maid of Honor speech. THE SILENCE.
 When I try to wake up and start my day at 5am and 6:30am hits and I'm all. SCREW IT.
 When I pick up Jack at school and see children doing unspeakable things. UNSPEAKABLE.
 Trying to get work done and Jack says "I peed!" knowing full well he is nowhere near a bathroom. SWEET GOD.
 Trying to get Jack to eat anything green. SANTA SAYS SO!
 Jon's face when he was shocked at my Preggo eating skills. WHERE'S THE PIZZA
 Picking up Jack at school when the Pre-K class hears the lunch bell. HIDE YO KIDS.
 Stepping on a lego. TWICE.
 That one time Jack left a fork on the couch. NEVER THE SAME.

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