Tablescapes: Runner Edition

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Table cloths. Runners. Napkins. Placemats. Napkin Rings. Matching plates. Glasses. 

I am one of those chicks that could drop 1k on a tablescape. I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to my obsession. If there was a local job for being a professional "tablescaper", I'd be on that like white on rice. White rice, not brown. It is my favorite thing about Holidays. Having a well-set table makes me a giddy little child. I just love when people put time and effort into it. They don't need to go overboard at all, but it just gives a little extra oomph that I love.
Today, I am posting about my love of runners and the style I love for the Holiday season.

For our first Holiday party last year, I set the table the night before, with only a few things I had lying around the house (and even used plastic cups) but it was something that the ladies loved (men could care less) and it made me happy that they noticed. My plates were a last minute buy from the Dollar Tree (don't judge, they are durable and last!), but other than that, I used what we had.
I have only done a few so far, but as we continue to host events, parties, holidays, etc., I hope to do more and more. Here are a few others I have done in the past:
As you can see, I have gone a simple route with my tables, mostly because I need to build up my supply of runners, plates, glassware, decor, etc. I was with my Auntie yesterday, and she has the same love of tablecloths and runners that I have. We are going to plan a trip to Country Mischief soon while the little man is in school so I get my runner on! Country Mischief is the Primitive Decor shop that I posted about last winter. AMAZING place and literally our Heaven for all of us. 
Another place that I adore for tablecloths/runners would be Williams-Sonoma. 
The "Tartan" Holiday Runners they have (WITH matching place mats, napkins, coasters, etc) makes me squeal. I just need to wait until they go on sale to grab these. I adore them!

1/ 2/ 3/ 4

My Auntie (Hi Auntie!) had a wicked cute table cloth on her kitchen table yesterday (kind of pictured below, featuring one cute almost four-year-old) which is another color palette I love. 
By the way Auntie, I think I'm coming over to take pictures of your house. Just so you know :-)

Another thing I have thought about, is just making your own runners. You can go into a fabric store and quickly sew up a runner on your own (also for a lot less) so I really need to learn how to use my sewing machine. That poor thing is just sitting in our basement. 

What are your thoughts about tablescapes? Do you care at all? Strangely obsessed like myself and my Auntie? Definitely take a look at my Pinterest board dedicated to tablescapes. There's only like, a million of them! 

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