Clutter free is the way to be

Monday, December 15, 2014

When building our home, one thing we were very keen on, was a home that was clutter free and organized. Both of us get stressed out and moody when we feel cluttered or surrounded by "things" as Jon calls it (he has even been known to throw things out...he is nuts haha). We both like to feel relaxed, so we wanted a lot of storage in our home to accommodate the things we have, without having to store them in sight. Hence why instead of splurging on a wedding, we got married in our house and put that money towards our kitchen.

For me personally, if I wake up to a messy kitchen, I immediately start the day off on a sour note. So, I wanted to have a lot of storage in our pantry and in our cupboards for stuff that otherwise would go on the counter. Besides our cookbook, paper towel holder thing and coffee maker, everything else is put away (even Jon's blender...I'm a pain) so the kitchen feels clean and open.

 We do plan on adding more personal touches and pops of color here and there. I really love the pops of red that we get during the Holidays. But for now, I love the clutter-free, open feel that we have. 

Are you also a clutter freak? I know some people who don't mind it at all and think I'm nuts. Maybe something is wrong with me after all! Jon has been right all along! 

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