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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Well, Holy Mother of Pearl it is already December! This year has really flown by for us. It has also been a year where we feel like we are in "limbo" with possible and drastically different career/home/life moves. Nothing bad, but constantly changing. It can be hard to feel settled and comfortable at times. But this Spring before Marin is due, all should be well. We hope anyways!
With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide for Jon, Jack and Marin (and me too ;-)) that may even help you shop for your own loved ones!

First up, Jon-o-thang! Yes, I call him that. He loves it...and me. Sometimes. 
Jon is a pain in the you-know-what to shop for. This guy doesn't want any gifts whatsoever (WHO ARE YOU?) and always returns things. Our first Christmas, I bought him a lovely blue sweater from J. Crew (thinking I NAILED it) and he hated it. Picky guy right here. But hey, at least he is honest. I feel like most men are like this, so I never took it personally. So, for the picky what-the-heck-do-i-get-this-man men in your life, here are my choices.

1. North Face Men's Snorkel Hoodie  A little on the pricier side, but this is a hoodie all men can wear. It is simple and has those thumb grips that I want all clothing to have. If your hubby or boyfriend love the outdoors, this is great for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and anything else you can think of.
2. Nike+ FuelBand Now this gadget is something I think all active guys would love. Jon is very into fitness and tracking his heart rate (he uses an app) and fitness goals. It is something I admire in him because I'm like "where's the pizza? Oh, look! A couch!" This Nike+ FuelBand does all that. It tracks your workouts and measures your movements through out the day and syncs it to your phone. You can also team up with a group and set goals together. I love this!
 3. Williams-Sonoma's Whiskey Cubes Mr. Ricci loves a good glass of Scotch and Bourbon. Rather than buying a bottle (good Scotch and Bourbon can be pricey), why not buy something that helps keep that drink nice and cold? The cubes have a liquid in them that remains cold and you don't have water diluting your glass of feel-good. Perfect!
4. Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug You are going to chuckle at this...but Jon is the guy in the Dunkin Donuts line who asks for ice in his hot coffee. his hot coffee. He just struggles with the temperature and often burns himself. This gift is perfect because it is a travel mug (which he needs) and TELLS HIM THE TEMP. BOOM. And it is pretty cool looking too. I'd get the red to match his beloved Wolf Stove red knobs. That boy and his knobs. Oops. that sounds bad.

5. Lowe's Gift Card Are you a Lowe's or a Home Depot fan? We prefer Lowe's and you can't go wrong with ANY MAN when you get him a gift card to Lowe's!

So there's my Holiday Gift Guide for Men. Did you agree with any of my selections? Have a picky husband like I do? Love PicMonkey a little too much as well? 

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