Holiday Gift Guide - For the Kids

Monday, December 8, 2014

I had to leave the best part for last...THE KIDDOS! Kids are always so fun to shop for and I love Jack's face when he rips open a gift he loves. As parents, we discussed WAY before Jack was born, that it is important to teach our kids that Christmas has way more meaning than just gifts. Several times a year, Jack goes through his toys and donates many of them to children who aren't as fortunate. We always participate in food drives with him as well. As he gets older, we will all volunteer in soup kitchens, shelters, etc. We find it to be very important!

I thought it would be fun to whip something up that all kids Jack's age will love. Jack is very into Lego (lego duplo and normal little legos), Robots, Action figures and play doh. He is in typical "getting over Thomas and Cars" phase and it breaks my little heart. They really do grow up WAY too fast.

1 - OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot HOW FRIGGIN COOL IS THIS? Jack loves robots and loves building things from scratch even more (especially with Jon) so when I saw this online when I was sending Auntie links for Jack (HI AUNTIE!), I knew he would love this. It runs off of solar power, so no batteries needed and is a great outside toy since it can also work in water. They can transform this robot into 14 different things too. I think this would be a hit for any kid 4-7.

2 - Rescue Bots Action Figures Jack loves Transformers, but I don't let him watch it because it is way too violent for his age. Rescue Bots is a TV show that uses little-to-no violence or bad language (stupid, moron, etc...YES I AM THAT PARENT) so I am perfectly ok with him watching it. Jack loves the characters, so these "figures" would be perfect. And at $9.99 each!

3-  Lego Duplo Batman/Joker Set - Santa totally got this for Jack this year, so he will be a happy boy. Jack has had his eye on this for a few months now! I love Lego Duplo sets because he builds them himself and the sets work with all of his other Legos.
4- John Deere Ground Force Tractor - Jack had his eye on this for a while and Jack's Noni/Santa (aren't all grandparents/aunts/uncles Santa too?) got this for him. We have been hiding it so he won't see it until Christmas morning! Jack talks about this tractor all the time and how he can use it to help Uncle John do yard work (Uncle John has this tractor in man size).

And you can't do a gift guide for Jack and not for sweet Marin! Even though she won't be here until April, I know a few people said they would like to get gifts (aka clothes which I call "presents for Mommy") so here we go!

With Jon as her Dad, Marin is going to be one preppy little girl with tons of dresses (I totally approve), so we love the preppy dresses (2 & 5 from Janie and Jack, 3 & 6 from Carters) and I love love LOVE the newborn hat from the Etsy shop Lve2Cr8 as well as this Easter bunny hat (she's an Easter baby) from the Easy shop jerribeccahats.

So that concludes the Holiday Gift Guide. I would include our cat, Kasie, but her one wish is to just take over the world.
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