LIL: The Duchess of Cambridge

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Can I still call her Kate Middleton? If not, I adore the style of the Duchess of Cambridge. Everything from her hair, makeup, outfits and shoes. Always so classy, yet simple. Even when she is pregnant, she always looks put-together but never overdone. As if any one of us could do it! Another thing I admire from her, is her love of street fashion. The girl knows that it doesn't have to cost a pretty penny to be one of the most influential trend-setters in the world. Lena and Jon told me I looked like her once and I nearly passed out and died. Talk about a compliment! As I get older, I lean more towards classy outfits rather than the fun, rock-esque outfits that I used to love. I just feel more beautiful and more of myself when dressed more feminine with a touch of prep. The Duchess is definitely my top inspiration.

Since I am pregnant, I love to look at her maternity looks and get some inspiration, especially for when I need to look put together. Since it is also during the holiday season, it is even more fun to get dressed up and show off the bump. I love the dresses she goes for and that they are generally paired with a simple blazer or coat. If you have ever been pregnant, you know tight clothes are a pain in the rear, so I love the loose fit to these outfits.
But my favorite thing about her look is how she can pull off "casual and elegant" like nobodies business. The three outfits below is the style I wear often. A navy blazer, skinny or straight jeans and a casual top. 
I also love the casual looks she has below as well.
 It's also pretty cool seeing The Duchess in straight-up Mom gear. It makes me feel better about the typical outfits we all wear. Jeans with sneakers, loose tops and a messy pony while chasing around those tots. I love it.
Who is your ultimate style icon? 
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