Primitive Holiday Decor 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

For as long as I remember, primitive decor is what the Christmas season is all about. Well...decoration wise. Both my Mom and my Aunt love to decorate for all seasons and Holidays and are my main inspiration when decorating our home. Auntie has the collection that all primitive lovers dream of! We were there last week for a little celebration for Jack's birthday, since we won't see them until after the Holidays. I couldn't help but snap some pictures for you to see!
 The fireplace was my absolute favorite! It gave off such a warm glow in the room and the mix of ornaments and stockings were adorable!

 Jack loves, love, loves this Santa Claus. Hell, he loves all things Santa, but he loved this one the most.

 One more...because...hello.

 The Santa pillow was actually my Grandmother's (who passed when my Mom and Aunt were very young) and my Auntie just had the case. So she stuffed the pillow and added a little vintage bell on the end. Adorable!
 This was Jack's favorite since it was like a Jack in the box!
 I love this little snowman village! She added fake snow on top of the figures and glass displays for a little touch!
Love the garland and collection of Santa's. I forgot to take a picture of these succulents she has that look like they were left outside and have frost on them. SO CUTE! Especially for succulent lovers like myself.

 How cute are the Edison light bulbs? I love this look!
 Another favorite: the cookie cutters (I think they were also my Grandmother's) and the bowl with the wooden candy canes.

 Outside on the porch (which they have been working on for a while and it looks AWESOME) she has a lot of greenery and another mini tree!

 See that radio thing? It is a satellite radio and plays hundreds of thousands of songs and you can customize what it plays! When we walked in, it was playing Frank Sinatra Christmas songs and on Thanksgiving it was playing Edith Piaf which is fun cafe-esque French music. J'Adore! I had to. I prefer listening to music around the house (so does Jack) rather than having the TV on all day, so this will be a great purchase in a few months.

 Now this would be a fun DIY craft! Grab a pinecone, cute ribbon or fabric scraps and some greenery. I don't even think you need glue!

I asked my Aunt how long it generally takes and she said a few days worth of decorating and moving furniture around. To me it is worth every minute! When you walk in, it is like walking into a trinket shop! I also took some pictures back in the Fall of her decor so I will post that soon. So, Auntie...I will be taking seasonal photoshoots of your house!

Are you a primitive decor fan? Any questions for my Auntie? I know this decor style can be a hit or miss with some folks, but for me it "hits me alllllll niiiiiiiight loooooooong! Yeah, yeah, youuuuuuuu. " Ok, I'm done, now!

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