Reader Question: Tips for building your own home

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'd say, a few times a month, I get a few emails from you wonderful readers, asking for tips when building your own home. How did you know it was the best option? Why not buy? Why did you pick your countertops/cabinets? Things to avoid? The list could go on and on! So, I figured it was high time to do a few posts dedicated to this topic and making sure I answer all of your questions!
Building our home was awesome. It was also stressful, time consuming and a TON of work, but most of was FUN! 

I am mostly asked why we chose to build vs buy a home. We had two options in our price point/taste: we could buy a home and gut it or build a home to our taste.
Buying a home in our budget in the state we live in, didn't leave us much and we would have to wait to renovate. Why? Jon was a touring musician and I can picture everyone laughing/crying/running in fear at the thought of me trying to renovate anything. Also I was working full-time and caring for Jack at all spare moments. How would I house hunt with Jon gone and a toddler on my hip and know what I was doing? And lastly, renovating with a toddler = our idea of Hell. So it came down to building a home, to our taste, in our budget.

That was when our good buddy, Rick, introduced us to the development we live in. Rick lived there and knew we were looking to buy and renovate a home, but without all of the work on us. We went over to look at his place and he discussed being able to choose his own finishes (including floor, cabinets, appliances, tile, etc) and have it built while he was living in his hometown. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. With Jon being gone, we could still build a home around our style while living somewhere else. I wouldn't have to worry too much and the work was being done by someone else! Boo ya! 
That is why we chose to build vs buy. The ease of it all and getting what we want, in our budget (you don't need to be rich to build a me!), without any hiccups or frightening finds behind old walls in a fixer upper. 

Anyone else build vs buy? Have you done both? We are thinking of one day buying a few fixer uppers to flip! But for our home, we wanted everything done for when we moved in. 

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