Vintage and grey

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have been noticing one trend that has been popping up a lot lately... whether it be on Pinterest or design magazines. It's a vintage kitchen with grey cabinets. I looooove anything vintage, and the touch of grey (not overwhelming, of course) adds so much and is a great contrast with light walls. I love the look of it and how it reminds me of a coffee shop or a farmhouse from the 19th Century. Any pops of color will work. I love green and yellow in the spring/summer time or burgundy and a rustic orange in the colder seasons. The pops of color and the exposed wood (of any shade), plus sharp white dishes, create the perfect kitchen in my eyes!

Joanna Gaines Design

Farmhouse renovation, NY. Kate Johns AIA. Mick Hales photo.

Another trend here would be the dark pulls, exposed shelves or open/glass cabinets. To pull off this look, you definitely need a tidy kitchen!
What are your thoughts? I need to post my Auntie's kitchen since hers is to DIE FOR if you love vintage anything. Are you also a fan of this look?
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