26 Weeks

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Today I am 26 weeks along! I can't believe that next week I am officially in my 3rd trimester. To be honest, with Jack's pregnancy I felt like I was only pregnant for 4 months since I found out so late. Experiencing the whole 9 months is definitely...tiring...but worth every second of it. April just seems so far away!

I have been trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle even though I am on "partial" bed rest (I just need to take it easy) because my placenta is low as heck and acting up. I go to the hospital on Thursday to see if it has moved at all or if there is enough concern to put me on bed rest (please NO). Despite the issues, I have only gained 12lbs (right on schedule) since the goal weight is 20-25lbs like with Jack. I have been practicing prenatal yoga, drinking a lot of water and eating as healthy as I can.

Weight gain/Work outs: 12lbs. My goal is 20-25lbs. I am doing prenatal yoga and a lot of stretching which has helped with back and leg pain.

Cravings: tacos, cinnamon rolls, sunny-side-up eggs and toast with butter, toast with fruity jams (Auntie do you have anymore?) and cold fruity drinks!

Symptoms: god AWFUL heartburn. I thought it was bad with Jack, but holy cow, I feel the acid in my throat. It feels like if I lean over it will all pour out. Sorry if that is TMI, but I'm hormonal and don't care. So that has been rough. Also leg cramps, swelling, headaches and back pain. Normal stuff.

The best thing is feeling her kick. She is quite the strong girl and is very active. Especially when I want to sleep ;-) I must say, I am starting to feel prepared for a newborn schedule since she is awake all night and I still get up with Jack often. So it is kind of a good thing! I really wish it was April allready. I am so, so excited to hold her and see Jon and Jack hold her as well. Is there a fast-forward button?

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