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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not like that! I think I have used this post title a few times...sorry Mom!

As I mentioned yesterday, we painted our garage door black since our plain white door would always look so dirty with fingerprints and grease from Jon working on the cars. Not my cup-o-tea! I was sick of scrubbing the door with those Mr. Clean sponges.
We chose Valspar's Satin Black for a good contrast. This type of paint works well with metal doors (which most garage doors are these days apparently) but you can also use it on wooden doors as well!
 Jon always loves my paparazzi moments. Side note: if I EVER painted in a nice sweater (I think that is a J Crew sweater Jon is wearing) I would end up spilling the paint all over me, the floor and life itself. I am such a klutz compared to him!
 We used a regular angled brush for the nooks (?) of the door, and a small roller brush for the flat areas (?) of the door. Note to self: learn what the areas of doors are called.

 Coat one, done!
 We ended up sanding after we painted a coat, to make sure the paint sticks. Whenever you paint, you should always sand in-between the coats for the best results.
 We did three coats and love how the final result looks! 

We love the after! Hopefully we can add storage (cabinetry where the trash bins/shoe racks are like Courtney Fernan's - blogger at A Thoughtful Place) a TV would be nice too! #lazyamericans. It looks nice and hides the mess that garage stuff can cause. 

Any simple updates in your home? 
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