Basement Organization?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Or lack there of? I am Melissa Ricci? One thing we need to do this year, is really...REALLY organize our basement. We honestly don't have much and it is mostly my entertaining and Holiday decor stuff. But, it is ALL OVER the place. I have plates on the floor, Christmas stuff to be put away since it is all on the floor and countless other things everywhere. As a very organized person, having clutter and items scurried about, really grinds my gears. Not only that, but there is a lot of moisture in our basement, so we want everything off the floor so it would stay safe from moisture. 
I don't think I have ever shared our basement. Here it is in all of its cold glory. We hope to one day have a finished media room with a small powder room (think Super Bowl parties and movie nights). We thought we could fit a bedroom and a media room, but definitely can't do both. It would be too tight. We also need to create an egress in order to be up to code. So a lot of work will need to be done in order to have it safe. 
The floors of the basement are similar to how our garage floors were before they were refinished. A lot of dirt and white paint residue or something that tracks onto our hardwoods. I think if I rent a shop vac that I should be able to get most of it up.
Sup Christmas stuff? How's the cold floor treating you?
I also have Jack's baby stuff that I can't get rid of. I want to get better storage boxes rather than old diaper boxes ;-)

Want to come over for Dinner? Haha! I'm serving paint and a lawnmower with a side of extension cords.
In true Jon fashion, his sports gear is perfectly organized...but using Jack's outdoor toy bin.
We were really fed up with the mess (yes I get it is NOT that bad, but if you are OCD like us, this can cause a night of fighting and bickering amongst your spouse and yourself)
We decided to go through EVERYTHING and donate or toss all that we felt comfortable with. We did a pretty good job, not gonna lie. So we went to Wal Mart and bought this big organizing rack. We definitely need a second since we still have some stuff on the floor (ok all of Jon's stuff muahahaha)

I feel like basements are like cold, dark, horror movie locations until they are organized or refinished all together. I remember our basement growing up terrified my sister, and after we were done playing, she would like... push you down the stairs in order to make it out alive first. Mary, if a monster lived down there, wouldn't he have killed you WHILE you were playing and not as you were leaving? Hm? Why sacrifice your sister to the monster? Hm? Why don't you love me?

So any updates to your home to try and be more organized? We plan on doing a giant purge closer to when Marin is due so we can feel totally refreshed and know where everything is during those newborn nights. 
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