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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This post is brought to you by Great Grains

Want to know what I love? Parfaits. Parfaits with extra granola in fact! But it is hard to find a nutritional and yummy granola these days. You either sacrifice on taste or health! When Great Grains contacted me to review their new granola, I was very excited. Not only does it taste delicious, but it is made with whole grain oats, dried fruit and nuts. The perfect combination in my eyes...well, mouth.

Today we are in the midst of Blizzard Juno, so Jack helped (and took the pictures!) put the parfait together using Great Grains "Super Nutty" granola, strawberry yogurt and blueberries. It was delicious! The perfect amount of crunch and taste without the guilt.
 It is made with whole grains oats and seasoned with cardamom, fennel seed and nutmeg. 
 Another granola is the Blueberry flax which I put in one of my morning smoothies that my girlfriend Alison suggested! It added a delicious, sweet flavor. Besides the real blueberries, it also has flax and whole grain oats packed in. Delicious!
Now for fellow busy parents on the go, you will adore this product. Great Grains came out with "The Bar Undone" in two delicious flavors. Jon is very picky about what he snacks on and he loves both of these products. Besides the taste, the size of the bag is easy to handle and it has the perfect amount inside.
 My favorite was the "Dark Chocolate Nut" mix. It has dark chocolate chunks, honey roasted peanuts and almonds with chia seeds, quinoa and flaxseeds. Hello, nice to meet you, delicious bag of salt and sweet.

Next up was Jon's favorite "Cranberry, Nuts and Seeds" made of dried cranberry, honey roasted peanuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds. 

The size of each bag is perfect and it is a guilt-free, grab-in-a-hurry snack to help fuel you for the day.  

Post Great Grains is asking women to ditch fad dieting in 2015 and pledge to go fad-free. It’s time to get real!

Post Great Grains found out that 76% of American women have gone on a "fad" diet, like the master cleanse, the baby food diet, or worse?
Also, on average, women have quit 9 diets in their lifetime – 11 diets among women 40+! However, weight loss isn’t the only goal when women diet. On the positive side, other reasons for dieting include women wanting to improve their health (68%), look their best (51%), and even have more energy (39%).
A healthy diet is about balance – improving your health and feeling and looking your best. 
So we invite you to visit  (or and take the Fad-Free Pledge! For every pledge taken, Post Great Grains will donate $3 to, an organization dedicated to bringing more fresh fruits and wholesome veggies to food pantries across the nation. How awesome is that? Pledge will be live until the end of the month, so go, go, go! 
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