Life is a Beach

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Not really. But I wanted a clever title. My happy place is the beach. Or any body of water with heat, sunshine and a picnic. I have mentioned this like 58 times. This summer was a fun beach year for us. We went to the Cape, hung out around local town beaches, went to the nice part of Hampton and so many more. I want our kids to be beach kids. Hell, even lake kids. I just want them to enjoy getting covered in sand, seeing if they have tan lines yet (or most likely burn lines since they will most likely have my wonderful Irish skin) having crusty water hair and enjoying a picnic of sandwiches, cantaloupe, juice boxes, etc.

So one weekend, my Dad and V were up at Hampton Beach (the nice part, to clarify..NH peeps know what I mean) and we tagged along for a day of fun in the sun! Jack lives for his Papa. It is adorable. They kept running from the water to where we were sitting over and over and OVER again (thanks, Dad :-), I bet you slept well that night!). Jack naturally, tried to karate chop the waves and my Dad would lift him when a wave would come.

 I can picture the sound of the water and the feeling of the sand under my feet at this very moment.

 i'm also a firm believer of not being ON TOP of your kids 100%. I know a lot of people fear tidal waves and rip currents (which I of course do as well) but they need to be able to judo chop the waves on their own too.

 So...funny story, my Dad didn't know I was pregnant yet so I was planning on telling him that day. I thought I was soooo clever having Jack stand above the words "big brother" but my Dad was so confused. It was hilarious! He was like "that's nice...........WAIT A MINUTE!" Then he finally got it after I explained it haha!

 Jack loved being buried in the sand!

After we called it a day, we went back to where they were staying for a yummy dinner and a shower. Legos for the win!

 When we left, I pulled over to the side of the road to snap some pictures of the landscape. It was so pretty and calm. I also love to save sand and rocks from beach trips so I grabbed a few beautiful and perfect pebble rocks.

Sorry to remind you of the beach in January, but I love reliving summer when it is colder than Frosty's bottom. I remember telling Jon that I never want to leave New England because I enjoy the seasons...HAHAHAHA I am SO over that. Give me California or Florida please!

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