The Cape 2014

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ahhh, Cape Cod. My happy place. The place I dream about when it is colder than a naked person in the snow. Awkward? I'm tired. Anyways, you have read about our previous Cape trips here, here and here, so I must keep my annual Cape post alive (and post about it in the Winter!)! 

We decided to head down to Rick's beach house early in the afternoon and then head up late that night. The last two times we had gone, Jack really struggled with sleeping and toddler-tude, so we wanted to make it as easy as  possible! Rick's parents were there and his Mom, Patty (a nurse) totally guessed I was pregnant when we used the "Jack is sick, going to be late!" aka "Melissa has morning sickness and will be head first in the toilet for a few hours" excuse! It was hilarious! They all shouted "WE KNEW IT!" when we made our announcement haha. I was only 8-9 weeks at the time.

Right when we got there, Jack was jumping for joy at the sight of Uncle Buddy. They have a special bond and we love it! The boys decided to play a game of bean bag toss (???) or whatever before we ate lunch.
I love Jon in a hoodie. And his muscles. 
No, this wasn't Jack's was Jon's... :-)
Jon would like me to let you know that he didn't pee his pants 
After lunch, we all packed up and went to the BEACH! QUE HAPPY DANCE! The beach we go to with the Wright's is a private beach (still semi-busy, but never overwhelming) and I swear I can feel the sun and smell the beach now. It is perfect. Jack loves the beach so he was so excited to start building castles, running as fast as he can while his pregnant mother chases him for a half mile and playing in the water.

Want to see something cool? These pictures were taken 3 years apart. Jack's first Cape trip at 6 months and Jack at 3. I love capturing photos like this!
Jon went right in the water with Jack. Who needs a bathing suit? He said it felt amazing since it was so hot outside and he hates the heat. Jack loved every second of it. He lives to play and be just like Daddy.

Now it was Uncle Buddy's turn! 

Ahhh, sand. And of course the only picture of me from that day...I need to be IN pictures more.
I love a sandy foot!
And...for the first time in Jack's life...he fell asleep not in a car...or a bed...AT THE BEACH. I DIDN'T HAVE TO LEAVE!!! It was incredible. He just sat on Jon's lap, said "ni-night Daddy" and was out like a light for an hour. It was so awesome, we were really proud that he didn't throw a fit and told us like a big boy.
We made sure any exposed parts of his body were shaded and fully covered in sun block
While he was sleeping, I took a quiet walk around and snapped some pictures. Nothing crazy, just my favorite things about the beach. It was really nice. You rarely get moments to yourself at your favorite place when you're a mom. I soaked it all in. The sand between my toes, the feeling of the sea water misting your face, the long grass tickling your side, the heat from the sun and the smell of the water. Don't forget the sound of the waves and sea gulls. I could go on and on.

And camera died. Womp, womp! But at least I was able to get pictures of Jack at the beach. Speaking of Mr. Jack, he gave me this beautiful shell and I'll treasure it forever.
We are always so thankful to the Wright's for letting us visit every year. They are wonderful and so generous. They made a delicious dinner afterwards that I am craving right now! We can't wait to go this year and bring Marin too. I think I'm going to start a countdown!
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