The Rush of Life

Thursday, January 15, 2015

It happened. It's here. There's no sign of change. We have officially entered the rush of life. Work, school, sports, doctors appointments, parties, holidays, playdates, date I missing anything? Oh, yeah... showering...oh and sleep. How do you make time for it all?

The other day, I was dropping Jack off at school when I noticed it was 9:05 and we were still in the drop off lane. He was five minutes late. His jacket was still on the floor and he took a shoe off. I got so angry at myself. I saw one of my girlfriends as she was also dropping her daughter off late (and also in pajamas and no coffee aka sanity juice) and we started to chat (after rushing the kids in, of course!)

Why were we so angry with ourselves? It was only five minutes. Why was I so angry when in the car, Jack was saying the sweetest things to me? Telling me how wonderful of a Mother I am and how I am the funniest person and make him laugh "oh so so much" and give the "bestest hugs in the world" I really need to learn to laugh these mishaps off and not let it shape the day. Maria said something that stuck with me. She said "we really need to give thanks in everything and not dwell in the negative." I am generally a very positive person and look on the bright side, so why was I letting a rushed morning get to me?

Then, it hit. As a Mom, I can see firsthand that we are all the same. We all struggle to wake up at 8:30 to get your kid to school for 9, when the only reason you slept so poorly was because they kept you up all night. I see that Pinterest makes us feel like inadequate Mothers if we don't give our child a giant birthday party every year or make them homemade organic dinners from scratch. I see that friends on Facebook try and make you feel bad for vaccinating your kids or getting an epidural. I see that we all have a hard time balancing marriage, family and friends and that we struggle with trying to find ourself somewhere in between. I see that we struggle with trying to please everyone else besides your own family just to try and keep the peace. I see so many things and I finally see that I'm not alone. Maria agreed. We all go through the guilt, the fear and the rush of life. There is a sense of perfectionism and I think we are all reaching for it only to end up no where. I am learning to let this go. I am putting my foot down.

I am letting go of the negativity in life and looking for the positives in everything. Busy week ahead? Suck it up, get it done. If you are late, who cares? You still showed up. Try and look at why you were late and fix it for next time. Enjoy the rush and be thankful you get to live it. And gosh darn it Melissa, it is OK if you don't get everything on your to-do list done.
This past weekend, we stayed home and did nothing but enjoy each other. We all really needed that and I want our weekends to be as simple as possible. Kids don't need to be traveling every day. In fact, Jack really enjoyed his weekend and told me all about his favorite parts and liked "just relaxing"

I am going to try and stop being so hard on myself and just laugh when the bad moments in life happen. I'm going to stop beating myself up if I still haven't sent thank you cards for Christmas (relax, Melissa it has been like 3 weeks not months) or if Jack has an epic meltdown. I'm going to stop trying to please everyone else and just please my husband and kids. I want to be happier and I know this will be a fresh start, I just have to keep it up, believe in myself and surround myself with those who believe it too.

Do you struggle with the rush of everyday? What are your tips? My Mother-In-Law gave me this awesome calendar for Christmas that I have been using religiously and has helped a lot with scheduling. I just need to learn to juggle it all!
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