30 Weeks

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How do we only have 10 weeks left? Crazy town over here. Especially since in a few days, I'm 31 weeks aka single digit weeks left. WOAH. We are so excited though. Marin is still performing in the Olympics and also trying out to be the drummer of a heavy metal band. Girl has skill. My ribs agree.

My Mom is hosting a baby shower for us on March 1st and I am really excited. After we had Jack, we donated truly everything we had thinking one kid was it for us. I have been trying to get things for free or slightly used because I still felt bad and didn't think I should have another shower. Thankfully, I was able to get all major items either returned to us or my lovely girlfriends in town gave to me (FOR FREE??!!!) Wonderful women here. So I just registered for smaller "essentials" like burp cloths, stroller gadgets (really awesome fan thing) slips and nursing bras and a portable bassinet. Anyone have any luck with those? My Doctor wants me to try and exclusively breast feed (no bottles) to see if it works this time. Come on girls, do yo thang (Missy Elliot Super Bowl reference ftw), so I want a little bassinet next to my side of the bed. I figured it would be easier for those late night feedings!

So here are some updates:

Weight gain/Work outs: 15lbs so far. Still get sick sometimes but the Doctor said I am right on track for my size. I still do a lot of stretching. Can't go for walks anymore since Mother Nature decided to dump 45inches of snow on us. The sidewalks are too icy and I don't want to risk falling.

Cravings: what I call "summer food" aka my Dad's steak tips, Nan's potato salad, cole slaw, corn, lemonade, fresh fruit and Chinese food.

Symptoms: blurry vision (had it with Jack too), heartburn, a ton of Braxton hicks and losing a ton of hair when I wash it (no really, a ton)

Random stuff:
- Nesting is in full swing and will be crazy after the baby shower, I'm sure!
- I am so excited for the baby clothes. Especially from Veronica because she always buys Jack the cutest clothes! Funny story...before we found out the sex, V was buying girl clothes from day one because she just KNEW it!
- I have been looking at setting up "stations" in the house to have diapers/wipes and feeding stuff on hand at all times. I don't want to be running around postpartum!
- I am still not nervous for labor and delivery. It hurts no matter what you do (natural or with drugs) so I don't really think there is anything to be afraid of. I have been asked if I have a birth plan a few times. No, I don't. My motto is "do what you have to do" to get her out safely. If they say I need a c-section then lets do the damn thang. They are Doctors and know what they're doing. Slice and dice if you have to. Also if I will be getting the epidural again. Most likely, yes. With Jack I was induced because they needed him out asap to grow properly. My contractions were not natural at all and the nurses warned me of that, so I got the epidural so I could rest and not kill people. This time, if I am lucky enough to go into labor naturally, then I may try going "drug free" but I still want to be as relaxed as possible once she is here. Go ahead and call me selfish if you must.
- I am currently fighting off another respiratory infection. So today I am going to spend on the couch catching up on Downton Abbey. My Doctor said bad coughs can trigger contractions by straining your muscles. I had no idea!
- I am hoping to have my sister shoot maternity photos around 35 weeks so I can have more than terrible iPhone pics :-)

Have a great week everyone!

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