Tonsils...who needs em?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not Jack. EXCUSE ME...I mean...not Bat Boy. Not him. He doesn't need his adenoids either, apparently. Whatcha talking' about Willis? Well, let Willis explain.
Jack Bat Boy Ricci, will be getting surgery in a few weeks to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. Let me start from the beginning using bullet points because I want to.
  • When Jack was born, he failed his hearing test like no other. When my water broke, Jack was stressed and had his first bowel movement inside me. Some of it was trapped in his ears. Thankfully after getting it checked, his hearing was ok, but we were told his ear canal was "curved" and he will most likely hold a lot of fluid in there easily (which means ear infections, etc)
  • Jack always has bags under his eyes, is a mouth breather and seems to have an allergy to SOMETHING (hence the bags), yet after 4 allergy tests, he is totally fine and not allergic to a thing.
    As you can see, has had them since he was a baby. No, they are not due to his Mother's beautiful pale, Irish skin.
  • Jack never, ever sleeps well. Not since day one. I tried every change you can imagine like different pjs, night light, co-sleeping, music, fans, no naps, one nap, dinner RIGHT before bed and 12 million other things. The child still sleeps terribly.
  • A few months back, my girlfriend mentioned her son was getting surgery for sleep apnea and described what her son was going through. it sounded exactly like Jack! Snoring, tossing and turning, periods of 10-20 seconds where I thought Jack stopped breathing, only to have him gasp when that 10-20 seconds were up, and so on and so on.
  • Jack's 4-year well-visit went great until she checked his ears. Nasty, thick looking mucous was trapped in his ear. His adenoids were swollen but he wasn't sick. At all. She asked about his sleep and if it improved from previous years, I said HAHAHAHAH LOL ROFL NO.
  • At the same appointment, Jack failed his hearing and speech test since he can't hear properly from the mucous and swelling, which causes him to say "tat" instead of "cat" or completely mispronounce new words.
  • She suggested take an allergy pill to see if that reduced swelling and drained the mucous. I laughed in my mind because I know he is not allergic to anything but obeyed anyways. He was on Claritin for a month and all it did was make it worse by swelling his naval cavities so now he has a stuffy nose with nothing coming out.
    I just had to throw this in there because he is so cute. LOOK AT THOSE EYES.
  • At the follow up, nothing had changed and he still had big, deep tonsils and the mucous only "slightly" improved in one ear. She suggested we meet with an ENT Doctor, so we made the appointment and met with one. They suggested within minutes to do the surgery and "why didn't you do this sooner?" WELL, don't make me feel bad. I tried everything in the world to get him some relief and was told "it will get better" a thousand times. I hated that he said that. But he is a cool Dr so I let it fly.
  • Jack is scheduled to have his surgery and remove both his tonsils and adenoids and recovery is about 2 weeks.
  • I plan on "journaling" the experience if you will, for other parents out there. I tried to find detailed info on what the days were like and nothing really helped. Hopefully by me doing so, it can help parents and show them what to do and I'm sure what not to do as well.
So far, our Dr said 2 week recovery period, nothing but rest for the first week (thank God for Pixar movies), limited visitors (or none at all because he cannot get sick), lots of cuddles and liquids. Any other parents out there have a similar experience? Any tips? So many friends and family members were very helpful on Facebook which I am so thankful for. Jack is a trooper and rarely complains when he is sick. I think he will do great. My baby shower is March 1st and that will be his first outing as long as all goes well. I told him he gets to open Marin's presents. Thankfully it is a small shower, so there won't be too many people. And my Mom will make his favorite mac & cheese that we call "Nana's Mac" Get the recipe here.

I am also thankful that this is what we are dealing with and pray for children who are actually sick to get better. Here I am nervous for a tonsil surgery (any parent is nervous for any surgery) and parents and children deal with stuff 40x worse than this every day. It breaks my heart. So if you are the praying type, say a daily prayer for them. I think a lot of people take health for granted. 

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