37 Weeks

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Holy guacamole. We will have a baby in just a few short weeks (possibly way sooner)! Crazy Town, USA up in here. I forget the newborn stage since it has been over 4 years since we have had one... so I am a bit nervous at the transition, especially with the Worlds most active pre-schooler. But we are both so thankful we have a lot of people to help us out should we ever need a moment to escape.

So how am I feeling? Well, after the good ol' shingles virus, I feel a lot better. The nerve damage blows, especially when she is right on my ribs. But it gets better day by day.

On Monday, we had our 37-week check up and found out that little miss Marin is breech and "very, very high up" HENCE THE HEARTBURN. So we go back Monday to see her position and if she is still breech, then we will choose a date to be induced. Unfortunately, that would mean a C-Section. Anyone who has had one, please send advice! Especially on recovery with a toddler who is attached at my hip at all times. I wasn't nervous before my entire pregnancy, but now I am starting to feel those nerves come up a bit. Surgery just scares me.

I have total insomnia and pregnancy exhaustion has decided to rear its ugly head during the day. I am thankful Jack is in pre-k a few days a week so I can nap. But that has meant less work. Sometimes you just need to put the work aside and jump into Snoozeville or else you are pointless to your kiddo.

Speaking of our current kiddo. Mr. Jack is going to be such a good big brother. I still put him to bed every night since it is so special to us to have uninterrupted quiet time together. We read books (as many as he wants, the other night it was 15!) and discuss the day and what we loved about it and what we should try and work on. Well, when he is about to fall asleep, he lays on my belly and likes to keep Marin "warm and safe" and will pass right out. I love that little guy.
So here are the updates:

Weight gain/Work outs: around 17lbs but no working out here. Too sleepy. I just plan on doing lots of walking once she arrives. A sweet friend gave us their double stroller that goes along with our carseat, so we can take lots of walks as a family a few times a day.

Cravings: cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate shakes, ice cold water/juice of any kind. I am always so thirsty and need to quench my thirst constantly. Now I must tell you this...we all have brag moments from time-to-time about our husbands/wives/etc...the other night, I told Jon I was craving the cheeseburger/fries/shake combo and he surprised me with them at 1am. He was soon sweet and walked upstairs with the biggest grin on his face. Even though to some people it may seem small, to me it was huge and I appreciated it so much.

Symptoms: lots of contractions (real and BH) heartburn, can't breathe as easily anymore, lots of bathroom trips 45 times a night and just feeling pretty uncomfortable over all. I don't fit into a THING. So sadly, I am just straight up in PJ's. Poor Jon.

Come on baby girl! 

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