What's in Marin's Hospital bag?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey everyone! I have been slow to post with a certain deadline approaching soon...it could have to do with Ben & Jerry's free ice cream cone day or the fact that I am due in two weeks. You decide...both are viable options.

Miss Marin will be arriving soon (maybe really soon, details later this week!) so I decided to pack her bag the other day so we are fully prepared for our sweet girl. Initially, I wasn't going to pack her anything except a going home outfit (hospitals provide so much), but I do want to take pictures of her in the hospital and test out all of our adorable hats (oh yeah...I am THAT Mom) that wonderful companies have given us. I doubt I will get to them all while we are in the hospital, but I would love to try!

Here are her cute little hats from two great companies! I will do full posts once Marin is here and can model them for me :-) Also shown are simple Newborn onesies, adorable pants and socks from Target. No need for dresses juuuuust yet :-) (forgive the iPhone photos!)
 I also added two receiving blankets and a gray and white Newborn gown (easier for diaper changes). Jon is the #1 baby swaddler and is excited to do it again. He is a nut. Jack always broke free of mine in seconds.
 Random things included: my toiletries! I didn't have a lot of room in my bag from my camera, clothes and our Viacord kit, so since Marin's bag has tons of compartments, I put my toiletries in there. I went to Target the other day with Jack and grabbed all of these (except for the facial creams) for about $6. Perfect and I can just toss them when I am done and we leave.
 Also included is a folder for all of the paperwork/immunization info/certificates/etc and Jack's lovie gift for Marin.
 All of that and a crazy cute hate and blanket that my awesome Auntie made, all fit into this diaper bag (the Skip Hop Duo in French Stripe is from Target and is even more beautiful in person).

I need to put some finishing touches on my bag and Jon will probably just hurry and toss in an outfit or two. I will share what we will bring when we are all packed! Hopefully it helps new Moms and Dads since we are second timers and obviously PROS.......at boiling water.
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