38 Weeks

Friday, April 10, 2015

So the 38th week of my pregnancy was not as fun as the others. One night (truly around 1am) I started to get this HUGE pounding headache and my vision started to go blurry. For a few days, I had a slight headache and figured my shingles nerve damage spread to my eye. Little did I know, it was not shingles but signs of preeclampsia. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't even look at my phone and type. Thankfully, Jon came upstairs and I told him we needed to go in to the ER after speaking with the on-call Doctor. Especially since I was seeing four of him. One Jon is enough :-) 

We got there and they started asking a bunch of questions and checked my blood pressure a few times, had me do blood work, an EKG (my chest was also hurting and it shot a tingling sensation into my left arm) and a urine test (yummy). The blood work, EKG and blood pressure all came back normal. But the urine test did have protein in it. They almost had me stay at the hospital for 24-hours to do a 24-hour urine test, but I asked if I could do it at home and they agreed as long as I stay put in bed and come in if anything else happened again. I agreed! 

In a weird way, it was nice that it happened so we could see where we would be delivering Marin and how the staff was, etc. Where we delivered Jack, we were treated like royalty, so we were hoping for another great stay. 

Jon LOVED the sleeping cot a little too much. So much that I had to wait...and wait...and wait...for him to wake up so we could leave. But he rarely sleeps like a sweet Angel, so I was totally fine watching Channel 5 news for 5 hours....

 Dude, I would rather get punched in the face than get an IV. I have a fear of needles and this was SO uncomfortable. She had to wrap it so tight around my skinny little wrists because it kept "leaking" blood haha. It friggin hurt when they took it off.
 So now I am on "take it super easy" rest. I honest to goodness cannot be contained in a bed. I would if I HAD to, but it is so boring and I just want to play and cuddle with Mr. Jack. So instead, I am doing weekly Non-stress Tests and ultrasounds to make sure Marin is 100% fine. They keep saying she is "perfect" and doesn't seem to be struggling at all. If she was or if I were, then they would induce me immediately. Thankfully we are both doing fine, so we are keeping her in until my official due date, then will be induced! My Doctor doesn't want me to go past my due date since complications can arise then. But so far, so good.
 38 weeks bathroom selfie 
 And here is the lovely Princess at 38 weeks. Marin's ultrasounds resemble Jack's. Same profile! I hope this doesn't sound mean, but ultrasounds pics of their full face is TERRIFYING. So we prefer the profile shots :-)

So Tuesday April 14th is the big induction day. To say we are excited is an understatement. I was induced (also due to placenta issues) with Jack, so I know how it goes! Unless she decides to make her entrance into the world sooner that is :-) 

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