Induction Day

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here it is. Today is the day we get to meet our beautiful baby girl. It is so surreal. And definitely a cool feeling knowing what day her birthday would be for a few days. I had always wished to go "natural" and have my water break in some crazy way and the whole shebang. But, I am at peace with being induced. It helps that it is for health reasons and not just "because you reached 40 weeks"
I feel so blessed to be able to carry a child safely to full-term. Marin gave me a run for my money that is for sure...but I would do it 10,000 more times in a heartbeat. Any Mother would. Our babies are worth every tear shed, pain endured and emotional breakdown over the store not having Cinnamon Toast Crunch (or is that just me). I feel so lucky being able to feel her kicks, somersaults, planned attacks on my organs and practicing her jumping jacks on my bladder. I always joke that she is just preparing for life outside the womb with her brother, Jack. Boy, oh BOY Marin you are in for it. But in the best way possible. Knowing that Jack is your big brother puts our minds at peace. I am sure he will annoy you and wrestle you and do all of his normal brotherly duties...but I know he will protect you no matter what.

To be honest, I think today will be even more emotional than I expect, since I never thought this day would come again. We were never really on board about having another child until last Winter. I always felt a piece of my heart missing and longing for another child. I would always joke around and say that Jack was IT. But, truly, I wanted another. When we found out about Marin, I shed so many happy tears that I felt like I could have filled a bottomless abyss ten times.

So send a few prayers or happy thoughts our way. We are hoping for a smooth delivery and healthy baby and Mommy. We can't wait for you baby girl. See you in a few hours.

Love always,
Daddy, Mommy and Jack

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