A Sweet Sign

Monday, May 11, 2015

 Last weekend, I was outside watching Jack run around and play in the sprinkler. Jack had the biggest smile on his face (like he normally does) and it almost brought tears to my eyes. I was so happy in that moment, watching him run, splash and hop in that sprinkler with not a care in the world. That is when I looked over to my left and noticed a nut split in half. It looked like two Owls carved out of wood to me, so I went over and picked them up. I adore Owls, they are my favorite animal and remind me of beauty, grace and peace. Jack was still playing and splashing and Marin was asleep in her stroller, as quiet as can be. I smiled and felt a huge wave of happiness come over me. I have been blessed with two wonderful children that make me so happy and bring me nothing but joy.
It seemed to be a sign to enjoy these moments. To give them the perfect childhood and to join them, not just watch them have fun. In that moment, I put the split nut in the stroller, took my sneakers off and ran in the sprinkler with Jack. The look on his face was so sweet. We played together for a solid half hour until we were both soaked and exhausted from the fun.

The fact that I found this split nut, reminded me to enjoy every moment with our beautiful children. They may drive you nuts sometimes (which they will) but forget those moments. Enjoy the beauty, the grace and the peace in life. Enjoy your kids, especially when they're little because time will fly, as it has done already. You will never get this moment back and you never want to look back and wish you jumped in that sprinkler.

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