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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Do you have Netflix? If you don't, you're crazy. If you do, you're just as sane as I am (so, absolutely nuts). Netflix is a great escape when absolutely nothing is on TV. We even didn't have cable for a long time since we barely watched it and always tuned in to Netflix. It offers a variety of awesome movies, tv shows and my favorite...documentaries! I'm sharing my current favorites today!

I was a history major with a concentration in American History, so I love anything to do with politics or history in general. If you are into the same, you will enjoy these if you haven't seen them already! 

Great documentary from PBS that details his early life, move into politics, personal life (holy moly), The White House and unfortunately the assassination as well. It provided a ton of home movies and videos in general rather than pictures that are zoomed in on (like most documentaries). I loved it! 
Johnny Carson was absolutely hilarious and one of the funniest guys Hollywood has ever produced. I loved this and laughed so hard at some of the clips. Can you believe he had 15 million viewers nightly? I'd pee my pants and fall into the puddle knowing I had even 15 people watching me.
I thought this series from The History Channel was excellent and very informative without being boring and like something you would watch in High School and fall asleep on your back pack. I have always loved what this channel produces and this was great. 
My favorite show on television that is sadly ending on Sunday night. The entire series up until this season is on Netflix! Mad Men has been on for 7 seasons and has never bored me once. The acting is incredible and the storyline is fantastic. A must see for sure! And hello...Jon Hamm ladies.
Classic TV right here. Whenever we see Martin Sheen anywhere we always call him President Bartlett. Excellent show and never gets old.
A Netflix original and very dark and mind boggling. This show will shock you, make you uncomfortable and then you will fall face first while clapping at the end of every episode. So. Darn. Good. We binge watch every season when it comes out. I watched the latest season in three days when it came out. Staying up until 4am was worth it. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright kill it. 

So what are you watching on Netflix? Have any good recommendations for me? No food documentaries please! 

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