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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I am quite creepy, aren't I?

Anyways...are you pale as all hell and passed down this cursed gene to your children? No? Irish? Norwegian? Well I am. My children are as well. (LOGIC!) We don't know where Jon's Italian genes went and yes, he is the father. So, naturally, I am a huge freakazoid when it comes to protecting the kiddos from the big yellow ball in the sky. I have had one too many sun burns from being a fool in my day, and I don't want my kids to feel the pain of a sun burn or the potential risks of skin cancer in their life.

Normally, we buy the spray sunblock, but over the last week or so, there have been articles floating around (from reliable sources) that the inhalants in the spray can cause respiratory issues in children (I always tell Jack to hold his breath...he never does and of course, chokes like a mad man). Also, average sun block has a ton of chemicals in it. I guess I did a Mom fail and never researched, just grabbed the Spiderman themed sun block off the shelf. So, Jon did his research (he is better than the FBI I swear) and found a great product by Kiss My Face.
So far, I am loving it and so is Jack! Jack hates any kind of lotions or sun block, ESPECIALLY if it touches his hair, but with this one he isn't trying to run away like Jon does when I lean in for a kiss. This spray is all natural, not tested on animals, gluten free and vegan friendly and contains no Parabens, Phthalates or SLS (anyone else feel like scientists just punch the keyboard when naming chemicals? "Yes, Andrew, this should be called "kjehgkjrsghejdgrshd"). Also, when you spray the sun block it doesn't run like most sprays which is very helpful when you need to essentially hog tie your toddler to get him to stay still.
Bada Boom Bada...skin protection.

Another product I love is the Kel-Gar Sun Dome for the youngins'. My only con is that this bad Larry is near impossible to fold back up (you get the hang of it eventually). But other than that, it was sent from the Sun God to fight off UV-Rays (blocks out 98% of UV Rays), keep them cool and keep bugs out! We use it daily for our lunch picnics and used it on the beach for Mother's Day for Marin. She stayed comfortable and cool as a cucumber!

So what do you use for protecting your family from the sun? I wear my sun block daily so I don't burn and only freckle. Fingers crossed we have no burns this year! 

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