Marin's Birth Story

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My alarm went off at 5:00am on April 14th. Way earlier than the usual Jack alarm at 6:50am (on the dot). I felt well-rested and excited for the big day ahead. It was our daughters birthday (if all goes well, of course)! I was ready and not nervous. I took a quick shower and dried my hair so I felt good going into the hospital. I walked around upstairs and was proud of my scavenger hunt that I left for Jack. When he woke up, he would find clues that led him around the house and discover letters from his favorite super heroes. I went into his room after waking Jon up and gave him so many kisses. More than the usual 100+ a day. He was sound asleep so I tip-toed out of his room and off we went.

The weather was dismal in my opinion. Gray and rainy (Jon's favorite type of weather), I wished it were sunnier but then realized I'm giving birth in a hospital and not a field, so it didn't really matter what the weather was like. We made our first stop at Dunkin Donuts as true New Englanders do! I wouldn't be able to eat once the induction started, so I ate a bagel and had some coffee to help wake me up.
We arrived at the hospital, quickly registered and were brought up to our hospital room. We met our lovely nurse Jen and quickly became very close. We shared the same birth plan idea to just "go with the flow". My only plan was a healthy baby and Mommy. Do what you have to do!

I told Jon to feel free and walk around, leave, get lunch, whatever it may be, since I remembered my induction with Jack taking a while. Jon was totally down with that, so he walked around and got some breakfast as I started to have my medical history checked and answer a million questions. Jon came back into the room after a while and sat down to read his book. Jen started to put my IV in when all of a sudden, the IV slipped and fell out and my blood starting shooting EVERYWHERE. Legitimately looked like a crime scene. I was laughing so hard and Jen was trying her hardest to stop it when Jon looked up and saw the blood and said "UM IS EVERYTHING OK!?" It went everywhere.

After a few hours of complete boredom and lots of napping, the Doctor on call came in and gave me Cervadil. After she put it in, she joked how I would most likely need 3-4 doses...which we later found out was not at all true!

It took a while before I felt any contractions. Honestly it was such a boring day. But I will take boring over crazy! I love pictures of Jon sleeping...

After a few more hours (I'd say it was 4pm) I started to feel some contractions. They kept growing and getting closer together and they were intense and quite long. I always like to try and go natural, but when she said I was only at 4cm and my pain was on a 7 out of 10 scale, I decided to go for the epidural. Unlike Jack's birth, Jon was asked to leave the room which we were both a bit upset about. Thankfully I really got to know Jen (my nurse) and she was able to calm me down through the pain. Due to my wonderful scoliosis, he missed twice...ouch-ka-bob. After it was all said and done, the pain went away and I was able to sleep and relax.

At 5pm, my wonderful Doctor came in and started cracking jokes as usual with us. I love him. I never thought I would be comfortable with a male Doctor but I know if we have more kiddos (must...convince...Jon) I will 100% go to him again. Anyways, I ate a bit since I begged and got some rest, spoke with family members and friends and was starting to mentally prepare for the push phase.

Around 9pm, the epidural was starting to wear off and the hip pain was unbearable. The new nurses on call were amazing and applied pressure when a contraction hit. I never thought it would wear off and only give me hip pain. But it felt like someone was hitting my hip with a sledgehammer. I was over it and just wanted my baby girl. Jon was trying to help but the nurses knew what to do when one would hit. Jon was joking that no matter how delirious I was, I always used my manners and said thank you. Apparently nurses don't hear that from laboring women too often (I wonder why! ha!)

9:50pm hit and I felt the need to push, so we all went into baby mode. In between contractions it was all jokes. The hospital staff and my goofy Doctor were cracking jokes and I was teasing him. It was just such a fun birth experience. Every push brought her closer and closer and I was doing a great job. It felt way easier than my first birth experience since I didn't want a high dose of the epidural this time.

Then the final push came and out she went! She was here! It was 10:12pm and Dr. Daly plopped her right on my chest. It was so wonderful to finally meet our little Princess and see her sweet face. We were so thrilled and so in love.
Could Jon be more handsome?! The answer is yes...I mean no.

We are so in love. She is a little angel and so easy so far. I haven't felt stressed once and feel very fortunate that she is so laid back and cuddly since a certain 4-year-old is off his rocker :-)

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