Mother's Day 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday was Mother's Day in the good ol' US of A and we had an absolute blast celebrating with my Mom and sister Mary. We drove up North (three hours late, naturally) and went straight to the lake near my sister Mary's. Perfect day in my opinion! Jack is also a beach lover, so I knew he would have a grand ol' time. It was Marin's first time, so I was super nervous about her getting a burn (no sunblock on babies until they're 6 months) but she slept in her pop-up tent that is UV-Ray protected the whole time besides when she was fed. Talk about the easiest baby ever!  If Marin is "blessed" with my translucent vampire skin, I want her to be well protected, especially since skin cancer runs in my pale, Irish family.

The weather was perfect! Hot, yet tolerable and we sat in a shaded area with a picnic table. The water was perfect...well, frigid when you step foot in it but then it warms up after a few minutes. The kids didn't care though, they ran in and played in the water for a good three hours.

Before we started to jump in the water, we ate lunch at the picnic table and Jack discovered a hoard of ants, so naturally he tried to kill them all "to protect us" (don't call PETA). My Mother-In-Law bought these awesome bug repelling bracelets for Jack since he has horrrrribleeee reactions to mosquito bites. Like...god awful. They blow up! So he wears these outside and they have helped tremendously.
 The famous Jack thumbs up
 Nana feeding the piglet who never stops eating! She is definitely an on demand schedule for this one!
 Candid shots are the best. And how nice is that view? Just gorgeous up North!
These two...Mary give me your arms.
 And what's a day at the beach without some noodle limbo?
 They had a blast and were running in and out of the water, battling lake spiders (hell to the NO) and spraying each other with noodles

Don't forget the sandcastle! I mean...Superman's lair.

 My sweet girl

Jack's new favorite water game!

 After the lake, we went to Mary's and my awesome Brother-in-Law, Justickles Swiftinyte, took him for a ton of dirt bike rides around their house. Naturally he hated it as you can see below.

 They made us a wonderful steak tip dinner with all of the fixin's. It was the perfect start of the summer and we are hoping to make it a monthly occurrence. We had so much fun! The Marin spit up like a never-ending faucet and it was time to go :-)
I hope all of you Momma's had a wonderful day!
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