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Friday, May 22, 2015

Mom's and Dad's know that parks, the beach and even playdates can go from happy to a sticky mess in a heartbeat. Having products that are designed to stay clear of the mess is a blessing, and Skip Hop has done just that!

I have this and it is VERY convenient to whip out and use to keep Marin clean and comfortable while I am changing her in public places.
Now this I really want. This stroller organizer can store your phone, drinks and snacks for you so you dont even have to stop walking. Usually I store things underneath the stroller so I need to stop and get out the snack or drink for Jack. Keeps you organized and the essentials in one place.
Helloooo convenience! This can be tossed in the stroller on the way to the park or you can even wear it on your shoulder since it easily folds back into the bag. Not only that, the bag is insulated and will keep your lunch and drinks cool! And the blanket is water resistant, so spills will be an easy pick up.
Great storage to keep in the diaper bag or stroller while you are out to keep snacks and drinks cool and organized without spilling all over the place or using a few different containers. 

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