My thoughts: Mad Men Series Finale

Monday, May 18, 2015

I have mentioned a few times on the blog that I am a huge Mad Men fanatic. Throughout the last seven seasons, I have tuned in and invested myself in the characters and the storyline of (what I think is) the greatest show on television. The actors are incredible and you believe they are genuinely the characters they portray. When I see Jon Hamm, all I can see is the insatiable Don Draper. Christina Hendricks? The stunning and strong Joan. January Jones? The icy and "profoundly sad" Betty Draper. The list goes on and on. It is rare that you can be so engulfed in a television show and feel heartbroken when you see those final credits roll.

We tuned in last night for the last Mad Men and we definitely have mixed feelings. I'm glad there was closure and we get a sense of where and how the characters live out their lives. For instance, I loved seeing Pete and Trudy back together and making a new life for themselves and LOVED seeing Joan (despite being alone again) start her OWN company and finally be her own boss. Who run the world? Joan. I have to be honest, I never saw the Peggy and Stan romance coming, so that was a nice surprise. But the tragic and unnecessary part of this whole season (in my opinion of course) is Betty's cancer diagnosis. I loved Betty (I know, I know) and it really broke my heart seeing her go up those stairs and barely make it. I guess I never saw that coming and always thought death would come to Don, not Betty. It just seemed right that it would play out that way. Betty's life had so much misery and this was just the overly sugary icing on top of the burnt cake.

Now speaking (er...typing?) of Don, I loved that he finds peace and comes to terms that, after hitting rock bottom, he needs to turn his life around. We see the ad at the end and (thanks to Peggy saying earlier "Don't you want to work on Coke?") we know that he returns to McCann after the retreat and kicks butt in the ad department, since that ad is Coke's most famous work. It seems Don will always be a Mad Man.

So what were your thoughts on the finale? Favorite part? I loved hearing Ken Cosgrove say about his son "he's a little weird, I think something is wrong with him!" Hilarious.
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