Our First Year of Homeownership: 5 Unexpected Surprises & Repairs

Monday, June 15, 2015

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Owning our home is something I consider to be a blessing and feel very fortunate that we have a place to call our own. We learned so much within the first year and just how much it really takes to run a home. We had several surprises and had to hire out to make home repairs that were not able to do ourselves. To be honest, we were quite surprised that a newly built home would have so much upkeep! Thankfully, we have HomeAdvisor to assist us when we need to hire out and can't DIY the problem. HomeAdvisor is a secure and trustworthy way to find a Professional when you need them. It is safe, reliable and used by over 30 million homeowners! There are reviews to let you know more about the company before you hire them and my favorite part of this company is their True Cost Guide. Talk about taking the guessing game out of how much you will need to spend! They provide you with local and nationwide cost data so you know going into it how much to budget. Want to know more about what we had to deal with?
Here are a few things we had to take care of.

#1 Radon Mitigation System : Definitely one of the biggest repairs was for our safety. We had our home tested for Radon the first weekend we moved in. I had to keep the basement door shut (you place the test kit on the lowest level) for two full days and then sent the results off to a lab. Our levels came back a bit high, so it was recommended that we place a Radon Mitigation System in our basement to filter the Radon out of our home. This obviously had to be done by a professional and is not something you can do on your own. They installed the system into the slab of our basement floor and the Radon gas is filtered outside rather than keeping the potentially dangerous gas inside.

Doesn't that look delicious?
#2 Pipes Freezing in our Master Bath: This was definitely a shocker! During the infamous Polar Vortex, our pipes in the master bath started to freeze. We went to brush our teeth one morning and nothing but little drops of water came out! I called my Dad who suggested keeping the heat at 68 and keeping the cabinet and shower doors open at night so the pipes didn't freeze and burst.  We contacted a plumber, and he took a look and realized that the pipes for our master bath were never padded. So he padded the pipes with insulation and we never had the problem again.

#3 Hot Water Tank: I bet you're confused...so were we. This is the biggest surprise of all. Let me explain...All I wanted when we were designing the master bath was a big tub. No jets, just a big, deep tub to relax in every night. QUEUE THE LAUGHTER. We were so confused why our tub would only fill half way before becoming ice cold. We researched and call Kevin who assists the lead Contractor in managing the properties (we live in a townhouse) and he said our hot water tank is way too small to fill our tub. *Palm smacks face* A big ol' cheers for luke warm tubs! 
#4 Rain water leaking through our vent hood: Imagine making a sandwich for your toddler when you look up and see your vent hood leaking all over your backsplash and stove. And you're home alone. Like, your husband is in another State and you are the least handy human on the planet. You get a bit nervous to say the least! While Jon was on tour, I told him that it sounded like it was raining in the vent hood. I kept hearing drips hit the bottom of it. I let it go thinking I was just hearing things, but little did we know, the wall cap that is on the exterior of our home had come a bit loose and therefore, let water leak into it. We hired a local company to come and tighten the gap (it was just a few centimeters but it makes all the difference) and we had no more rainstorms in our kitchen.

#5 Shifting: I hate that word. Jon apparently knew this would happen, but I had NO idea why all of a sudden our house had tons of cracks and gaps in it. In every room there was some sort of issue whether it be peeling paint, our counters separating from the walls or the caulking in our windows coming apart. This was a major surprise and something I now understand. Our warrantee is up on the house so these are problems we will need to hire out for once the house settles a bit more.

So are you new to homeownership? What did you learn the first year of living in your home? Still have no idea what light switch turns on what light? Same here!

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