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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wassup peepolas! Sorry... I had too. It's like Tourettes for fingers...on a keyboard...ok I'm done.
I wanted to share some email subscriptions and articles that I have been loving and that have helped me greatly in the world of Mommyhood.

1. Google Calendar: Ok, so I love a paper calendar and a handheld planner like nobody else. In fact, I still use them every day. My Mother-In-Law gave me this fantastic calendar for Christmas that is very detailed and includes cute little stickers and I use it religiously. My planner is attached to me like a needy 4-year-old named Jack. BUT. Jon LOATHES physical stuff. That sounds bad. Jon uses Google Calendar on his phone and we kept arguing over missed activities or saying I had plans but he needs the car to go to a meeting, etc. So, I jumped on the bandwagon and actually fell in love using GC. Here is a great article explaining everything you can accomplish on this App.

2. 10 Habits of Highly Effective Mommas and Rise & Shine by Shawn Frank. Excellent and easy to download and read when you need it! Also, check out Shawn's blog, Abundant Mama. It is full of articles that really hit home and offer great advice that we often need!

Check out this challenge and it will help you out TREMENDOUSLY. I promise you. We hate clutter and need a clean, organized space or else we get antsy and lose it. Yes, we are dramatic people. Also, check out Ruth's website because she is the QUEEN of tips and tricks. 

Do you have any articles or have any subscriptions that you swear by? Send em on over!

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