Auntie's Garden

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I love my Aunt's house. It is the cutest place, filled with comfort and love the second you walk in. Jack loves coming here and exploring (and "helping" in) her garden. The entire yard is INSANE and so, so beautiful. 

Jack loves this big wooden bucket since it holds the water. We should call him "#1 Plant Squasher"

My Auntie had my Uncle build these raised beds for her new vegetables. Anything and everything from Kale, lettuce, carrots, cucumber (the towers will be where the cucumbers grow), tomatoes, etc. Now they are even growing strawberries! Well, will be. Where the blue tarp is will be where the strawberries grow. They're going to build a cage like structure to help keep critters at bay (or toddlers) from eating them all.

See? Before they had two big Rhubarb patches but it was too much, so strawberries for the win!

And they view isn't too shabby ;-)
White driving to my Aunt's, I always go by my favorite country house. Sorry to whoever lives here, I am an absolute creep.

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