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Monday, July 13, 2015

Want to know who those pins are from? The lovely, talented, Julie Blanner. I swear she is the next Martha Stewart and her recipes are to DIE FOR. She can set a table like no other and is someone I look up to in the blog world. Get lost in her blog here. You won't even notice that hours have passed.
How has your parenting changed with Marin? I am way more laid back with our sweet Princess mostly because SHE is so laid back. Marin rarely ever cries and when she does, she means it (like last night when her brother poked her in the eye). All Marin wants to do is cuddle, play and eat. Since she also is a great sleeper, I am well rested (most nights) and can spend time with Jack. So there is rarely any jealousy. I'm also not as paranoid as I was with Jack. I know what I am doing and am very confident with my baby skills. It is a cool feeling to always know what she needs right away.
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