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Monday, July 20, 2015

Helllooooooo perfection of the inter webs. This blog is sensational and right up my alley. Check out Courtney's home right away. The photography is stunning and her tips, tablescapes and house tour will leave you breathless. Get lost in French Country Cottage

I mean...hello. 
What products do you use on your face? I love your complexion! Thank you! Currently I use Modere and love it. It goes on very light and has very little fragrance. I have super sensitive skin and have never had a problem with this product. I use the Anti-Aging Serum, ExfoliantAntioxidant Gel (smells like oranges) and the Dual Action Eye Gel. I made a lot of faces when I was younger (A LOT) and when I met with a Dermatologist, she said I had laugh lines and crows feet at an early age and not to make faces anymore ;-) And just so you know, it has lasted me over 9 months since you don't need to use a lot, so it is well worth the prices (and this is coming from a cheap person haha). I'd say I will need to order in a month or so. So buying it essentially once a year. Boo ya!

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