That Moment When...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

you wake up at 8:40am...
and your son has school at 9am
and the baby just pooped
and your husband has a meeting
and you make your husband stay home with the baby yet he has no idea what he's doing (love you)
and your son just wants to play with his new toy
and breakfast is a granola bar and hopes of a better tomorrow
and then theres a spider on your car door
and then you jump in through the passenger side because f that
and then your son requests to watch Morning Joe
and then he suggests we take the shortcut
and then there's traffic
and its 8:58am
and then you realize you are in your bathrobe
and you try and not be seen by any human or hell, even a bird
and then you find sunglasses
and you fist pump 
and then you pull into the parking lot
and then your son wants to do Super Man poses
and then you realize it is 8:59am and you don't want him to miss snack time
and your face looks like this
and you forget the password to get into the school
and then you get him inside his class
and then your sunglasses fall off revealing your true identity
and then you kiss your son goodbye
and run out the door
and chug your iced coffee.

How was your morning? 
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