Three Months of Marin

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Our sweet, precious girl is 3 months old today. HOLY MOLY this is flying by. Marin is the sweetest blessing and such a joy. All smiles, rarely cries (unless her brother has done something) and is so easy to please.
Marin is so beautiful and reminds many of Betty Boop with her little cherub lips, chubby cheeks and big eyes. She resembles her Daddy but has Mommy's personality for sure. Always happy but when she's'll know.

Thankfully she sleeps well at night (most days). I'd say she will go down at 9pm, up at 2am, 5am and 8am to nurse and get a diaper change. She will only nurse for 10 or so minutes before falling asleep, so I don't wake up for too long. Easy peasy, lemon breastfeedy (bad joke). 

Throughout the day, she naps from 10am-1pm as long as Jack doesn't disturb her. Then she is off and on throughout the rest of the day before bedtime. She rarely spits up, never has indigestion or gas and laughs so hard if you burp (I know...obviously my child), make a silly face or lift her hands up and down.  She has started reaching for objects and SHE ROLLED OVER THE OTHER DAY! Gosh it was so cute! She has done it about 10 times both on the bed and floor. Proud Mama. Love my girl. 
Thankfully she is so easy and truly such a joy. I love her so much that it makes me want to burst. I do agree, that loving a daughter is different than a son. Obviously you love them both equally, but it is different in some way. Impossible to describe (unless you have both a daughter and son) but so wonderful to feel. 

And another little comparison set:

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