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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It has been almost four months since our beautiful, sweet, calm Marin, has blessed us with her presence. I am so smitten with her. We were joking the other day that Marin should be a model for "how to introduce yourself to babies" since she is so....dang...easy. I get asked about products we use and love by expecting Momma's often, so I figured I would round them up for you!

Hellllooooo date night saver! So we are very lucky that we can exclusively breast feed with Marin but as far as pumping goes...I can't do it often. It doesn't agree with me. But I do try and pump once or twice a week to have breast milk on hand for a date night or a night out with a friend. Momma's need a break too! The electric pump wasn't necessary and this one does the trick! 
Oh my LOVE for this bag. We get compliments everywhere we go and it has the perfect amount of storage and is just so cute! I love it. I keep the shoulder strap on but generally use the handles on top. I can fit Marin's things and an extra change of clothes AND a snack and drink for Jack in this bag.
I have two of these! I use one for diapers and wipes by our bedside for nighttime changes and keep one on her changing table that I also bring downstairs during the day. This way I'm not going upstairs to change her every time. It also has the pockets which are perfect for an extra pacifier, rash cream and gas drops. They are very sturdy and I highly recommend them 
Meet my savior. This swing keeps Marin asleep from 9:30-12:30pm so I can work (when Jack is in school)! Marin gets her rest and Momma gets to get some work done. The swing is VERY wide (the legs) which is its only downfall.
Marin sleeps next to my side of the bed in this bassinet. She loves it! When she grows out of it, we will switch her to the crib (probably September/October). We registered for the portable one since we wanted to bring it places and have her sleep comfortably. Great buy! 
Marin has a different one but she loves her mat and often takes naps on it once she tires herself out from playing so long! 
I put her in this when I play with Jack. She has a different bouncer that has a frog hanging from it. Marin loves to smile and coo at said froggy. Jon told the frog whats up and to watch it. #goodluckfutureboyfriendswearecrazy
So I wanted to have extra diapers, wipes, outfits etc in our car in case we forgot to pack the diaper bag or in case we ran out of them. We purchased this organizer for Marin and one for Jack as well. I keep extra diapers, wipes, burp cloths and an outfit for Marin. For Jack I keep an outfit, toys and books in his. 

What are your favorite baby products? 

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