What's happenin' Fall Stuff?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Get it? Like "What's happening, hot stuff?" No? Move on, Melissa...move on. So as you are well aware (let us all hope anyways) October is almost over and it is pretty much winter in New England. Our mornings are SO COLD! AND IT HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN.

Moving on again, I tried my best to get the kids up and around town participating in fall-esque things, but sadly no apple picking this year (couldn't with the crutches/boot combo). Next year for sure! Here's what we have been up to...

A trip to the patch! Our local apple orchard and cute little shop that I mentioned way back when. Jack was running around with some friends while we hung out for a bit. I always love how they decorate the shop. Crazy cute!
 Jack picked out pumpkins he needed for school 
 I love this picture of him. Tough decisions! 
 My precious baby girl in her pumpkin hat from V. Goodness I adore her!
Jack has recently taken up the art of WORM COLLECTING (shivers at the thought)
 Decorating Noni's! He took the job very seriously
 Soaking up early morning cuddles
 Jack started tee ball a few weeks back! 
 Cold morning outside. She is a trooper. Never fussed once. 

 I have started to love baking and trying new recipes. I really like a nice, warm, baked good to go with my morning coffee. We made the cinnamon maple scones from Everyday Occasions and they were delightful!
 She WAS laying the opposite way when she was sleeping. I found her rolling around in the crib after her 20-minute cat nap!
 Marin is sitting up on her own and loves having independent play with her favorite toys and her dolly named Sophia (Jack named her!)
 Christmas planning! It is so fun looking at the Toys R Us catalog for Jack and brings me back to when we would look in them as kids. It felt like yesterday, sitting at the kitchen table circling the catalog, or making Christmas lists on the old school Microsoft Word, using clip art and printing it out for my parents. Life does go by too fast...I wish I could take a week every month and go back in time. 
 Our very own Beanie Baby named Jonathina! 
 She's so beautiful!
Gorgeous leaves
 My sweet boy burying his toys and looking for worms under every single rock at my Mom's hahaha.

 More worm digging...
 And back to get more pumpkins! This was my first trip sans walking boot and I did well. We stayed for over an hour and had a blast.

 I tried...
 "Momma, you love Owls so I'll give them a big hug so he will never be cold!"
 Our buddies "Mo" and "Joe" 
 What have you done so far? I can't believe it is Halloween is in a few days! 

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