Sunday Nights with Great Grains: Black Friday Survival Guide

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This post is sponsored by Great Grains
 As Thanksgiving approaches, so does..Black Friday! DUN DUN DUN!! Who partakes in such a showdown? Here's what I would need to survive such an event!

1) Great Grains Bar Undone. Nutritious, easy to store, and easy to gobble on the run (Get it? Gobble, gobble!.....deafening silence). They offer two delicious choices! Jon loves the Dark Chocolate Nut while I love the Cranberry, Nuts and Seeds. They are both healthy (8 and 9 grams of protein! Boo yeah!) tasty and great for on-the-run. Whether it be hunting for a good bargain or even a trip to the park, it is the perfect snack!

2) A roomy wristlet. I certainly dont want to be running around with a giant purse! I would just need room for methods of payment (debit/credit/cash) and my snack which would fit RIGHT in there!

3) Comfortable clothing. What is more comfortable than workout clothes? Ok, pajamas, but I do want some dignity left. Running around from store to store, dodging other humans means you may break a sweat! So breathable clothing it is!

The great thing about this survival guide is not only does it work for Black Friday, it is useful for everyday! I'm a simple gal who doesn't like to bring more than I need. This works perfectly in my book!

So are you partaking in the treacherous Black Friday? Sleeping in? I hope whatever choice you make, that you have a wonderful, joyous and safe Thanksgiving. XO
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