Our Holiday in 3,456 photos

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hellllooooo blog friends! I took a much needed break to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends and take a breather. It was refreshing and we had such a great couple of weeks celebrating birthdays (JACK IS FIVE NOW HOLY COW), Marin's first Christmas and many more get togethers. Here is how we celebrated in many, many photos.

Here's Jack at his desk at school. We had his Christmas concert in early Decemeber and I cry every time! Just so, so cute.
We also had a fun time at my sister Mary's house in NH! Such a blast and yummy food to boot.



Doing the "hot tippah fella" pose (still no idea what that means) That's my brother-in-law Justin! He's the best.
And OF COURSE one of our traditions is to go see Santa on the fire truck! WE LOVE THIS. It is something we will do every year even when the kids don't care anymore and I'm the only one WHO STILL BELIEVES.
This ham. He gets me every time.

SANTAAAAA! Mind you, it was like 60 degrees this night. What a strange winter so far!

Marin is a mini Jon. It is precious.
Da heck?
This is my other awesome brother-in-law Markus! He is in his final year of med school. Then I am totally calling him Dr. Markus.
Ahhh brotherly love....for 50 seconds.
Party numero UNO at my Dad and Veronica's! Such a blast. My Nan and Uncle Larry came too.
All she needed for presents...solo cups.

And party numero DOS at my Mother-in-law's! Such a fun time.

And then the best part of the entire Holiday/year/past decade...JON DRESSED UP AS SANTA. AND NO CHILD BELIEVED HIM AT ALL.
HILARIOUS. In fact, he genuinely creeped them out!
Cookies for Santa.
Christmas morning! Jack got everything he wished for. Lucky, lucky boy.
And last but not least, the holiday party at my Mom's!

Jack "telling us jokes" aka saying the same joke over and over and adding bodily fluids. That was a strange sentence to type.
Adore this little girl. Growing up way too fast.
A cake for Grace's birthday!
Marin had pink eye...and a cold...hopefully we didn't infect anyone. 

Jack fighting so hard to not ask for the 3457389tu34987t3 time to open presents.
We had such a great time! I also took the kiddos to see Santa and have a little winter photoshoot, just the two of them!
We hope you had a great Holiday season!

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