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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Anyone else excited that spring has somewhat popped up!? Well I am! And what better way to clear away those winter blues than with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers? When BloomNation contacted me to show you how to cheer up a space in your home using flowers, I got right on board! There really is no better way. Flowers add a pop of color while remaining delicate and beautiful to look at. Right before spring arrives, I love to use Tulips. They instantly brighten my day and I love coming downstairs on a cold morning to see those bright babies looking up at me.

I bought some pretty soft pink and purple Tulips at our local grocery and love the combination! We have still barely decorated our home (cough, cough,  energetic children) so I wanted to add some to our very boring powder room downstairs.

 Don't tease my decorating skills, I'm getting there people! I decided to pop some in front of our kitchen sink too. Who wants to wash dishes and stare at the dead grass or your neighbors (I swear, that's a joke #notacreepyneighbor #orami)
I also loved these tulips we bought last winter. They really take a plain room on a cold day and make you smile right when you walk in.

I love hydrangeas as well and we use them often in the summer! I am lucky I don't try and grow flowers. My brown thumb seems to kill any type of plant I grow!
That is where BloomNation comes in. BloomNation is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and send unique bouquets handcrafted by local florists across the country. Whether you’re looking for the traditional dozen roses or a one-of-a-kind design, BloomNation lets you discover and send the perfect gift. With our epic customer service and growing community of florists, BloomNation is the easiest and most reliable way for ordering flowers online. Here's a stunning example of their work:
Gorgeous bouquet by BloomNation's partner,  The Bosky Dell

What kind of flowers do you love to use to brighten your home? Also a member of the brown thumb club? That doesn't sound right... 

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