Our Easter 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Sunday was an absolute blast. Holidays are so fun when you have little kids to celebrate with. It brings back childhood memories and sugar high crashes of yore. I loved celebrating Easter at my Auntie's every year and I remember one year in particular when she had clues hidden in our eggs. I finally found my Easter basket in her dryer! We would always play badminton or watch the dogs run back and forth on their lines in her yard. Ahhh, sweet memories.  Note to self: buy a badminton set.  

The night before Easter, we left out carrots for the good ol' Bunny man...(yes in the middle of the hallway) so he could snack on his way out. Apparently, he enters through the garage!

 When Jack woke up and woke up Daddy ("five more minutes!"), he bolted down the stairs so fast, I couldn't even grab my camera! Thank you iPhone storage for not being too full today.
 "But wait, the carrots!!!!"
 "they are chewed up and spit out onto the garage floor!? What a messy bunny!" 
 And back to the baskets...Target $1 section for the win hahaha!
 Mr. Cutie man wanted to help me make the cream cheese frosting for my first ever carrot cake! Excellent assistant! And handsome!
 Some super hero faces. Had to share!
 Little Miss fell asleep as I was changing her. Trying to savor these moments! She will be 13 soon and want me to leave her alone haha. NEVER HAPPENING.
 We go every year to a local country club for some AMAZING food. Ohhhh the baked Haddock. Ohhhhh the prime rib. OHHHH THE POTATOES. Marin looooves her Noni and they were playing peekaboo with a napkin while Mommy ate her 3rd helping.

 Such a happy baby!

 And the main Bunny man. Note to self, make the Easter bunny move away from the picture frame hahaha!
 Our little bunnies.
 After the country club and our seventh helping of food, we went to my Moms for some dinner and an egg hunt for Jackaroni!
 Not too bad! (Pats self on back)
 MY EASTER BUNNY. My...err...confused easter bunny? I am Ron Burgundy?

 I love this boy. I love him more than all of the red starburst and tootsie roll lolipops in the world.
 My Momma and Mare bear. I stink at getting full family photos. Noramlly its CRAZY TOWN SANDERS and I simply forget. I need a ninja to repel from the sky and slap me to remind me.
How was your Easter? We are celebrating Marin's FIRST BIRTHDAY this Sunday and I am already crying. 2 weeks until the big day, but still, there will be tears and 4389793 people to witness my watery mess. 

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