Spring Cleaning Checklist

Friday, March 11, 2016

The weather has been so great the past week and definitely gave us that kick in the rear to begin spring cleaning. I always remember my parents taking a weekend or two to start cleaning and airing out the house from the winter, so it always brings back fond memories and its weird to think that I'm doing my own spring cleaning now! Time flies. I don't mind waking up early now to have coffee while hearing those birds tweet!

My sister Grace came over to help watch Marin and the three of us got to work.
We started by sweeping our muddy garage (or should I say, Jack did). It was full of muddy, dirt piles and leaves from the winter and I was over tracking in dirt and mud. We pulled the cars out and got to work. (See our garage floor makeover part one and part two)

Jack is such a good helper. He didn't let a leaf come within ten feet of the place. The day before, I was in the basement since our shelves looked like this:

So, as you can imagine, I went crazy on the stuff. I brought up all of my entertaining dishes, organized our holiday decor and tossed and donated things I know longer wanted or needed. It was a huge relief! I have wanted to do it for years.
But, as I was clearing the stuff off of the shelves, what I once thought was dust (gross, I know) I realized it was MOLD.  You see, we have a very moist basement and have a dehumidifier running, but it clearly didn't suck up all of the moisture. So our shelving unit (which has a plywood-esque base...oops! Lesson learned)
 absorbed all of that moisture and started to grow mold. So we washed everything before bringing what we were keeping upstairs and Jon broke down the shelving unit and we brought it to the dump.

Delicious. Not so nutritious.
From breaking down all of the boxes in the basement, we had a ton to put out for recycling! I gave some decor stuff that I wasn't going to use to my local girlfriends and the rest I donated to our local Savers. It always feels good to get rid of things and see other people utilize them. It felt great!
So we did a lot that we wanted to get done in the basement, but due to Mold Gate 2016, couldn't do it all until we properly clean down there. We have more to hull to the dump and we need to get proper storage bins for all of my holiday stuff.

We have a lot more to get done, both inside and outside, so we will be taking the next few weekends to comeplete them. My favorite blogger, Jenny Steffens Hobick, created a great Spring Cleaning Checklist that you can download and use to keep track of what you need to get done and what tools you need. I love her examples of both inside and outside and will be using them! Check out her checklist here and see her examples below.

So have you started spring cleaning? I am excited to finish! I have to pack away winter clothes, bring out our spring and summer clothes, clean the fridge, baseboards, our cars and so much more!
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