$20 fail

Friday, April 1, 2016

Don't mind the HORRENDOUS photo quality of these images and the straight up weird angles that I took them in, but I wanted to share a cheap, bad, bad idea that we thought would work. We love our built ins in the living room. They are the bomb.com but we wanted to add some bead board to add some texture to them. I thought we should try a light gray colored bead board that Jon saw at Lowes. So he picked up a $20 cut-to-size board and we put it up to see how we liked it.
First thought...hmmm, we liked it! Ignore the wonky shelf...
24 hours later, it looked like cheap wallpaper and it NEEDED to go. Isn't it funny how your mind can change like that? 
The "cheapness" of it started to show. I am sure it is beautiful in other places, but NOT here. 
Back to square one. We definitely want bead board, but white this time. 

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