Greek Chicken Soup

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Here is a recipe for my favorite soup of all time (coming from a soup lover). My ABSOLUTE favorite. Move over corn chowder, you are now chopped liver. There are a lot of steps to this but it is easy once you gain your confidence (something I lack in the kitchen). 
The first time I had this soup, was when my Mom brought it to me this summer. I had broken my foot and could not cook for the life of me, so she brought me a lot of soups and meals from her work. This recipe was one of them. I had her ask the Chef to print it out for me! I could not stop eating it and dreaming of it. I am quite happy that the soup I made tasted just like it! I made a huge batch (which I will always do with this soup since it is great to freeze!) for Marin's birthday party and it was a hit. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed! 

Greek Chicken Soup: Serves 40 (make the large batch, it is excellent for freezing)
2 1/2 cups white, long-grain rice
5lb Chicken (leave whole)
1 lemon
3 1/2 cups diced celery 
3 1/2 cups diced onion
2 teaspoons fresh oregano
4 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cup flour
olive oil
5oz chicken broth (canned)
13 1/2 cups water 
*add celery stalks, onion peels, onion ends, S&P, greek seasonings to create a tastier poaching water.  Essentially you will be making your own chicken stock. Photo below.

- Cook rice according to package. Do not add the cooked rice until you're ready to serve. 
- Poach the whole chicken in water until it is cooked.*
- Remove chicken to cool. Once cooled, remove the meat from the bones and reserve. 
- Strain the poaching water and reserve 80%. Make sure only the poaching water is left, no chunks. *The poaching water is now the base of the soup.
- Add canned chicken stock, juice and zest of one lemon and the oregano to the soup.
- Sweat celery and onion in olive oil for five minutes. Add to the soup. 
- Create a roux with the butter and flour. Excellent video on how to make a roux, here.
- Add roux to the soup.
- Bring to a boil and stir for two minutes.
- Add chicken and rice a half hour before serving.
- Add S&P to season to your taste.

Here was my chicken as it was poaching with the celery and onion scraps. I also added seasonings and some carrots. I think it made all the difference!

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