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Monday, April 11, 2016

Every parent knows, that with kids comes toys, games, misplaced shoes, lost pacifiers of yore, and sharp legos that sneak up on you at 3am. Of course they are worth every lego imprint on your foot, but lets be honest. The clutter can be too much sometimes. At least it can be for two neat freaks. We are very fortunate to have built ins in our living room to store their toys and keep the clutter at bay!

The majority of their toys are kept upstairs in their shared bedroom (more on that later) but we keep most of our board games downstairs as well as puzzles and basic baby toys. I nanny during the day, so it is super easy to have Marin's toys at the ready when I need her distracted! The kids play in the sunroom during the day. After 4pm or so we are generally upstairs playing with the big stuff.
Also, what board games do you recommend? Major fans, here! DON'T SAY MONOPOLY. Jon gets way too into it and we would be playing for 11 days straight. 

So we keep our boardgames on the top, puzzles are in the big, blue bin, and Marin's toys in the green bin.
 I also keep two diaper caddies in the cabinet next to the other. I have Marin's and the little girl I nanny for, all stocked and at the ready when disaster (well, lunch) strikes. We also keep some more baby stuff down at the bottom. I bring these out when Marin is bored from reading or her other smaller toys.
 And here they are all side-by-side! It is nice to have the toys put away at night or on the weekend when the kids are at their Noni's. It is important for us to feel like adults sometimes!
In the other built in, we have Jack's toys! Lego Duplo blocks and his Dinosaurs! Jack is at school most of the day, so we break out the Legos or will play a board game when he gets home. Most of the time he is CRAZY TIRED so I let him watch his TV on the couch for a bit to wind down.
How do you keep the mess at bay? We also store their stuffed animals and blankets in baskets downstairs. Soon I will share their outside storage and also how we turned Jack's room into a shared bedroom and play space!

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