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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Tuesday, friends! If you're like me, you love some good tips that you can actually utilize and introduce into your crazy life to help give you more time in the day. I somehow just stumbled upon the blog WhatsupMoms. I think it is my new favorite blog ;-) They have a "MOMHACKS" series on youtube and they are filled with excellent tips and tricks for parents! From grocery tips to laundry, arts and crafts and more! So lets chat some more.

GROCERY DAY. AKA I HOPE I AVOID A MELTDOWN DAY. Lets be honest, going to the store with little kids can be hard. You try and zoom through the aisles and tell your kids that you just saw Santa climbing on the ceiling to avoid them seeing the fruit snack aisle. We have all been there! For the most part, Jack is fantastic in the Not so much when he was younger!  I would say there's an 85% chance that he will do a great job. MARIN ON THE OTHER in the phase where she is over it in 5 minutes and tries to stand in the cart/growl at passing strangers or just scream.  Here's the video for the grocery store hacks:

Amazing right? Never thought of those! I love the necklace for cheerios because thats how I try and distract our little piglet, Marin.

The laundry video is great as well. The towel bar? I think I will do that! I love that idea and the pretty laundry detergent dispensers. Such a great tip especially for the safety of our cute kiddos. Can I have that washer machine too? And the cardboard box for folding is a fantastic and fun idea to get kids to help with chores!

Lets talk bath time too. Fun ideas for play, safety and saving on BATH SOAP! My kids are notorious soap wasters.  I love the shaving cream game and designating bath tub space! They have recently started fighting over who gets to sit where! 

The last one I'll share is the stroller video. The milk storage is great since our cups don't fit in the cup holders! And hanging the stroller? We must. That this is BULKY and takes up so much space. Time to head to the store!

I could watch these videos all day long! So helpful and I will absolutely use these tips from now on!

Have a great day!

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