Quick and Easy Storage for Large Cleaning Supplies

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi. Welcome to our home. Can I take your jacket and hang it in this closet? No? I understand! 

This is our beautiful coat closet. Aka where I shove the cleaning stuff. Not very pretty, huh? Or functional. It was driving me CRAZY. So I walked around the house and figured out what would make sense and where to store it all BUT out of sight. 

I thought about storing them down in the basement. I opened the door and saw our giant bare wall and the light bulb in my tired brain went off! Bada bing bada broom.  So Jon went to Walmart and grabbed this wall mount by OXO called GOOD GRIP
And it...is...BALLER. And it was so easy to install. Jon and Jack did it in a few minutes.
All you do is turn the knob up, place the broom or mop or misbehaving child (just kidding dont call the popo) right in and release!
Easy as pie. 
 They also have a few hooks which I used to hold our Swiffer Wet Jet.
Funny story...Marin is obsessed with brooms, vacuums and any cleaning product known to man. So she points at the door and YELLS for us to open it so she can say hi to her beloved cleaning supples...weirdo. A cute weirdo though. So all-in-all, this project took 15 minutes, cost $25.00 and saved a lot of frustration. What I love the most is that they are out of sight but close enough to grab when I sweep the floor 3,459 times a day.
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