The Graduate

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Its officially official. Our sweet, wild son, Jack-aroni a Pre K graduate. Move over, world. We got ourselves a big kid now.

That morning, Jack was walking around the house with his chest puffed up like he just won a mac and cheese eating contest. He wanted to shower, spike his hair, and HAD to wear his purple tie. Jon said he looked like he was in Green Day.
 My girlfriend Sarah met us at our house and off we went! Before the graduation started, Marin was dancing on the stage and LOVING it. Our shy girl was "all about that stage, bout that stage, no stage fright!"

Once the graduation began (which was 40 minutes long and all of the kids were ANGELS), I cried. I cried like I just chopped 35 onions in a row. With a dull knife. My sweet boy...yes it is just pre k, but still. Its a graduation. A next phase of life. The start of elementary school. Its unreal. I feel like I was in elementary yesterday. And that he was born an hour ago. We watched him singing with such confidence and I recorded every song. Oh my love for this boy. 

 Here is Jack with our dear Auntie! We love her! Sweetest Auntie in the whole wide world.
 Jacks lovely, dedicated teacher, Mrs. Schmidt. We already miss her.
 Marin, Noni and Jack! Noni is the best. Our biggest cheerleader and a major support for all of us. We are blessed to have her!
 Like Mother like son..
And yes, he is a miniature, male version of me. 

Congratulations, Jack. We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming and love you beyond measure. You make us laugh until we cry, impress us everyday with how smart you are and you make us feel so loved, important and adored. Just like you are. You are the best thing to ever happen to us all.
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